Gary and Annie from Machina X have contributed an 80s-style 12" mix of Within, for the latest in the Generation Blitz series of Compilations, called simply 'Extended', which is described as 'a double helping of brand new extended electro pop, synthpop, electronic post-punk goodness for your ears.'

The compilation also includes extended mixes from Cult With No Name, Tenek, Blaklight, The Rude Awakening, Kiffie, Volker Milch, LorD and Master, Jeff Appleton and many more.

Generation Blitz 3 - Extended was compiled with loving care by our friends Martin James, Timo Jalkanen, Gary Fones and Colin Spencer and was released on November 25th in digital format and as a beautiful gatefold sleeve with 2 x vinyl-style CDs.  Click on the image to order your copy on Bandcamp.


Well, how do you follow up a track like DANCE WITH ME, received so wonderfully in May 2022?  With an upbeat, driving banger, of course!

Gary and Annie from Machina X have been back together making sounds again and are confident that this brand new uplifting pure synth pop track is a totally worthwhile contender to step up.

We are delighted to present POSSIBILITIES for your listening and playlisting pleasure. A positive, upbeat and crowd-pleasing 3.5 minutes of bright, breezy synths, solid basslines and optimistically defiant vocals combine in anthemic joy, to offer a momentary respite from judgement and negativity.

Be your own Possibilities!

Released on 18th November 2022.  Click on the image for links.


During the summer of 2020 Gary did a remix of Touch Caress by D-SiPaul, which Gary considers to be one of his favourite remixes.

However, it didn't get released because Simon Goold of D-SiPaul wanted to re-record his vocals after getting some vocal tuition (although they sound absolutely fine to Gary).

Fast forward to November 7th 2022, when Gary got a message out of the blue from Simon, to say that the remix would be released on Friday 11th November!  This was great news and so DJs and Podcasters were immediately contacted and the remix has received lots of radio play across the globe.

We haven't been able to find it on D-SiPaul's Bandcamp page yet, but if you click on the image you'll be able to stream it on Spotify.

Our Way cover art.jpg

We are delighted to have been asked to contribute to the 'Our Way' compilation, in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Gary and Annie from Machina X have teamed up yet again to bring you a Depeche Mode-inspired rendition of the Rat Pack classic 'Feeling Good', which is the final track on CD3.  It was a challenging exercise and, having tried various experiments based on the multitude of versions out there, Gary & Annie went right back to the drawing board and created something which is a homage to DM's 'I Feel You' from 1993.

Release date was October 31st 2022.  Click on the image to go to the official website.

Also, keep your eyes and ears peeled for a new original song from Nature of Wires + Machina X on November 18th!

No Need 250px.jpg

Gary Watts and Andrew Stirling-Brown re-unite as Nature of Wires’ original line up, to record and release new single ‘No Need’ – the first new song created by the duo since 1993!  Release date September 5th 2022.


Andrew says: I’d always wanted to write a ‘list’- type song, like Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’, or ‘Hello’ by The Beloved.  It took me a while, but eventually, ‘No Need’ was the result. As the cover art might suggest, the song is a ‘scream out’ at the world.  There’s a lot of anger and frustration out there at the moment.  Lots of ‘They shouldn’t do that!’ ‘We don’t need this!’ ‘WTF!’, etc., and I wanted to reflect that, lyrically. I went for a lot of random phrases, some humorous, some more serious, all wrapped up in a retro-electro, surprisingly positive sounding, up tempo track!  If ever covers of this song are made in the future I hope the artist or band will add their own lyrics, which will mean something to them and their time; that’s the best way to keep a song alive.  It’s a bit of fun, with a serious edge, which I hope people will enjoy.

Building Reflections 250px.jpg

Gary says: Because I can’t sing I’ve never been able to create a solo album, so if I was to do this it would have to be instrumental.  I’d been playing around with some synths with really atmospheric, evolving pads and then one dreary Saturday in November I found myself in just the right frame of mind to do something creative.  I set myself a challenge, literally made things up as I went along and within a few hours I’d come up with 10 short, ambient and VERY simplistic instrumentals.  The whole thing is only about 24 minutes long and it just sort of works.  A few days later it occurred to me that my lovely and super-talented friend Madil Hardis could add an extra layer of etherealness (if that’s a word) with her trademark gorgeous soprano voice and so I asked her to choose a couple on which to sing.  Borealis and Network were chosen and within a day Madil had sent vocal tracks back.  Network contains actual words (inspired by Bjork apparently) whereas Borealis is vocal sounds (I’m sure there must be an official term for this).


So, the whole thing took less than 2 days to create from start to finish and I’ve been bowled over by the response it has had.  It’s a bit of a departure from the norm, but is in line with the sort of thing I listen to a lot, especially when driving, or generally trying to relax.  It’s probably a one-off, but if it flies I would consider doing another one like this.  The album artwork is a photo I took from the 13th floor of the Radisson Hotel in Cardiff and when I posted it, suggesting that it would make good album artwork, a guy called Dave (@wafbinthedark on Twitter) suggested that it could be called Building Reflections.  The full album was released on March 25th; click on the image for streaming & buying links.

NOW - Out of my System - 250px.jpg

Having been delayed for over 12 months for various reasons, including a global pandemic, the highly anticipated 'Out of my System' album was released on November 26th and is available to order by clicking on the image.

Dealing with issues surrounding divorce, interspersed with tales of tragedy and deception, the album is available in digital format and also as an ultra-limited USB Flash Drive edition, containing remixes, videos, lyric sheets and the original versions of the songs.  The album versions have been superbly produced by Herefordshire's Dan Armstrong and as usual we turned to Vlad McNeally in the USA for the fabulous artwork.

We are very pleased with the final result and we hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Nature of Wires - Modus - 225px.png

Modus is a collection of 8 songs originally written by Gary and Andrew between 1986 and 1993, plus 11 remixes by artists from around the world.

Released in August 2019 on the AnalogueTrash label, Modus is available as a double CD, in digital format and as an ultra-limited USB flash drive containing all of the originals and remixes plus photos and videos (update: USBs have now sold out).

Modus was voted Album of the Year by The Electricity Club in 2019.