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Gary Watts and Andrew Stirling-Brown re-unite as Nature of Wires’ original line up, to record and release new single ‘No Need’ – the first new song created by the duo since 1993!  Release date September 5th 2022.


Andrew says: I’d always wanted to write a ‘list’- type song, like Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’, or ‘Hello’ by The Beloved.  It took me a while, but eventually, ‘No Need’ was the result. As the cover art might suggest, the song is a ‘scream out’ at the world.  There’s a lot of anger and frustration out there at the moment.  Lots of ‘They shouldn’t do that!’ ‘We don’t need this!’ ‘WTF!’, etc., and I wanted to reflect that, lyrically. I went for a lot of random phrases, some humorous, some more serious, all wrapped up in a retro-electro, surprisingly positive sounding, up tempo track!  If ever covers of this song are made in the future I hope the artist or band will add their own lyrics, which will mean something to them and their time; that’s the best way to keep a song alive.  It’s a bit of fun, with a serious edge, which I hope people will enjoy.

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This is what Blitzed Magazine had to say about Volta, in the August 2022 Edition:

"Madil Hardis is an accomplished vocalist who weaves classical and electronic elements into her work. 'Volta' sees Hardis working alongside darkwave pop outfit Nature of Wires for a piece that's a startling contrast between both talents.  The ethereal vocal approach of Hardis has a beguiling, unearthly feel to it.  NoW's stomping synth-pop and Hardis' choral trills somehow produce something warm and engaging at the same time."

Click on the image to find out where you can get Volta.

More coming from Madil and our Gary soon!

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CeCe Xavier has been part of the electronic music scene since the 90s. She has provided vocals for The Shamen and worked alongside The Prodigy and Moby as well as many others. 
 CeCe returned to the scene after a hiatus in 2017 with alt/electro duo Hemmingway. This act gained much support from BBC London, BBC Introducing Essex and FreshOnTheNet. 
 CeCe's work during her first year as a solo artist included releases such as Strong At The Broken Places, Siren:The Remixes and all female collaboration Synthgirl Squad. 
 Going back to her electronic roots, CeCe has been compared to the likes of Bat For Lashes and Roisin Murphy. Her live performance showcases her multi instrumentalist talents and the songs are emotional, epic soundscapes.

Gary and CeCe have joined forces to bring you 'Keys', which is a song about female empowerment and which was released in all the usual places on April 29th 2022.  Click on the image for links.

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Gary says: Because I can’t sing I’ve never been able to create a solo album, so if I was to do this it would have to be instrumental.  I’d been playing around with some synths with really atmospheric, evolving pads and then one dreary Saturday in November I found myself in just the right frame of mind to do something creative.  I set myself a challenge, literally made things up as I went along and within a few hours I’d come up with 10 short, ambient and VERY simplistic instrumentals.  The whole thing is only about 24 minutes long and it just sort of works.  A few days later it occurred to me that my lovely and super-talented friend Madil Hardis could add an extra layer of etherealness (if that’s a word) with her trademark gorgeous soprano voice and so I asked her to choose a couple on which to sing.  Borealis and Network were chosen and within a day Madil had sent vocal tracks back.  Network contains actual words (inspired by Bjork apparently) whereas Borealis is vocal sounds (I’m sure there must be an official term for this).


So, the whole thing took less than 2 days to create from start to finish and I’ve been bowled over by the response it has had.  It’s a bit of a departure from the norm, but is in line with the sort of thing I listen to a lot, especially when driving, or generally trying to relax.  It’s probably a one-off, but if it flies I would consider doing another one like this.  The album artwork is a photo I took from the 13th floor of the Radisson Hotel in Cardiff and when I posted it, suggesting that it would make good album artwork, a guy called Dave (@wafbinthedark on Twitter) suggested that it could be called Building Reflections.  The full album was released on March 25th; click on the image for streaming & buying links.

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On Christmas Day 2021 Gary received a message on Twitter from Platronic's Kay Burden, asking if he would be able to create a remix of a Platronic song.  As it was the season of goodwill and knowing that Kay & Sami would put a lot of effort into promotion, Gary agreed.  Initially the chosen song was 'Control', but then it was decided to remix 'Dreams', which was Platronic's first release on February 24th 2020.  The plan was to release the remix on February 24th (EBM Day) 2022.

The remix was duly completed, approved and released as planned and received a generous amount of airplay around the globe.  It entered the Deutsche Alternative Charts at number 13, climbed to number 4 for two weeks and eventually peaked at number 2!


Click on the image to go to Platronic's Bandcamp page and then once you've bought it you can stream it on Spotify.

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Nature of Wires and Machina X have previously paired successfully on tracks such as WITHIN and 2000 MILES and were eager to work together again - the powerful DANCE WITH ME is the result.


The build-up for DANCE WITH ME began in Autumn 2021 and is a nostalgic nod back to Annie’s Arabic dance class days. “Those times gave both total escape and grounded me in the moment, when everything seemed to be running at high speed. I was exposed to a lot of Middle Eastern music back then and found the rhythms and general vibe pretty hypnotic.”

Middle Eastern vibes intertwine with meaty bass synths, edgy percussion and melodic, rhythmic and, at times, cathartic vocals, all coming together in a tempting track that twists and turns like a fairground ride. It will leave you breathless but with a smile on your face.

Click on the image to find out where you can get it.

NOW - Out of my System - 250px.jpg

Having been delayed for over 12 months for various reasons, including a global pandemic, the highly anticipated 'Out of my System' album was released on November 26th and is available to order by clicking on the image.

Dealing with issues surrounding divorce, interspersed with tales of tragedy and deception, the album is available in digital format and also as an ultra-limited USB Flash Drive edition, containing remixes, videos, lyric sheets and the original versions of the songs.  The album versions have been superbly produced by Herefordshire's Dan Armstrong and as usual we turned to Vlad McNeally in the USA for the fabulous artwork.

We are very pleased with the final result and we hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Hold Me Now 250px.jpg

Nature of Wires was chosen to be BBC Introducing Artist of the Week from April 26th 2021.


Andrew Marston of BBC Hereford and Worcester invited Gary onto his show on April 24th, to discuss remixes, Germany and more.


As part of the show's Collaborator Generator feature, Gary was introduced to Andy & Scott of Badeye, from Redditch, with a view to creating Gary's 100th remix, the challenge being to come up with something ready for broadcast on May 1st.  The remix of 'Hold Me Now' was duly completed and was released on Bandcamp on June 25th and all other major streaming & download platforms on July 2nd.  You can buy it or stream it on your favourite platform by clicking on the image.

Nature of Wires - Within 250px.jpg

We are delighted to announce a brand new synthpop collaboration with up and coming Anglo/Burmese duo Machina X.  Here's what Machina X has to say about this exciting new release:

"We’ve admired and wanted to work with Nature of Wires for a while and this collaboration has been such a great experience - he’s a total pro, one of the good guys.  We’re all delighted with how this track has turned out.  Within reflects and highlights a sense of conflict many have between wanting to show an attractive outward image but risking objectification because of it - the observed vs the observer.  Overt objectifying on the many 'visuals-friendly' platforms has become rife and has even gained a level of social acceptance. Within is a reminder that books are more than just covers."

Within was released on our Bandcamp page on May 14th and on all other major streaming and download platforms on May 28th (links are here).  There's even a really cool video for it, which you can see here.