Sea of Sin - Immaculate (Nature of Wires

January 15th 2021 sees the release of the Nature of Wires remix of Immaculate, by our German friends Sea of Sin.  We are very excited about this, as Sea of Sin is one of our favourite bands.  Rob Dust and Man Without Country have also remixed Immaculate.  More information about these remixes can be found on the Sea of Sin website.

In November 2020 Sea of Sin remixed The Masquerade feat. Stephen Newton for us and it got loads of airplay and streams.  With the large following that Sea of Sin has, we're sure that our remix of Immaculate will also be well received.

Click on the image to presave Immaculate (Nature of Wires Remix) on your chosen streaming platform.


Also out on January 15th 2021 is Isolation - The Remixes, from our Los Angeles based pals Blaklight, aka Brian Belknap & Adam Collier.  In fact, we're on there twice if you include the shorter Radio Edit.

The EP kicks off with a Slow Dance remix from Van Hertzog and then Blaklight themselves have done a 'Stripped' remix.  Peter Rainman of People Theatre in France has contributed his 'Asteroid' remix (check out Peter's Skeleton remix of our track Human Nature here) and our AnalogueTrash labelmates Vain Machine & The Cowls have also chipped in.  Ironically, as Brian told our Gary, he's never met the Vain Machine or Cowls guys, even though they are also based in California, whereas Nature of Wires has actually performed with them both in the UK.

Click on the image to jump to Blaklight's Bandcamp page.

As if two remixes released the same day wasn’t enough, there’s also a third one, in the form of the ‘Society Class’ EP, by another German friend Projekt Ich, aka Ulf Müller.

This is the fifth single from the forthcoming second studio album, which will be released via Echozone in autumn / winter 2021. This time, Ulf was able to get the vocal support of our AnalogueTrash labelmate Ade, of STOCKSNSKINS. Ade wrote the lyrics and his strong bass / beat / poetry voice gives a large dose of power to the socio-critical song. The EP features the original track as well as eleven varying remixes by bands and artists like Cyborgdrive from Spain, L_iGH_T also from Spain, Hoof from the Netherlands, Nature Of Wires from England, Vyrtual Zociety from Mexico, Tragic Impulse from the US, Restriction 9 from Sweden, Mark Loodewijk from the Netherlands, DMT Berzerk from Mexico, Areal Kollen from China and Terrance Pryor from the US plus the original’s instrumental. A lyric video of the song will be released at the same time.

On January 21st Alone – The Remixes EP from AfterDark (aka Marie Williamson) & Scyia (aka Skyler D. White) will be released.  The original was released in 2019.  Many of you will recognise Marie from her work with Ron Herhuth and Agency-V and there's also a good chance you'll be familiar with Skyler, as he has worked with more people than we have room to mention here!

There’s a video for the Missing in Stars remix, which you can see here.  As well as Gary’s remix, there are contributions from The Voice and the Snake, People Theatre, Eloquent and Fused, most of whom we have worked with before.  Always good to be among friends.

Conzoom Records in Germany have once again invited Nature of Wires to supply 10 remixes for the Super Deluxe Limited (75) Edition of the latest in their popular Electropop series.  Release date is 19th February.


01. Berlyn Trilogy - Domus Aurea (Nature of Wires Remix)
02. Darwinmcd ft Eric C Powell - Click (Nature of Wires Remix)
03. Defeat - Live Your Life (Nature of Wires Remix)
04. Iioioioii - Sunset Show (Nature of Wires Remix)
05. Jigsaw Sequence ft Kay Burden - Never (Nature of Wires Remix)
06. Mind Machine - Enlightened Heart (Nature of Wires Remix)
07. AfterDark & Scyia - Alone (Nature of Wires Remix)
08. The Rude Awakening ft Bridget Gray - Fuckpuppet (Nature of Wires Remix)
09. This Human Condition - Normal (Nature of Wires Remix)
10. Vogon Poetry - Spacewalk (Nature of Wires Remix)

More information can be found here.  Many thanks to Ingo Moeller and the team at Conzoom and to the artists (above) who have contributed.

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