Nature of Wires - Its a Tragedy - cover

'It's a Tragedy' is the latest song written by Gary and Lady bNOW and is inspired by the shocking murder of Sarah Everard in London

The song is available on Bandcamp now (click on the image) and all profits will be donated to

Within 30 hours of it being finished, It's a Tragedy was played on BBC Introducing and so we are very hopeful that it will raise money for a very worthy cause.


Leaether Strip and NOW - Destroyed By Ma

Following the success of 2020's "A Heart So Divine (for Kurt)", our Gary & Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip have teamed up again to bring you "Destroyed by Madness".  This is a return to the harder sound for which Leaether Strip and to a lesser extent Nature of Wires are known.  There is a full length version (Parental Advisory) and a shorter radio edit suitable for broadcast on the BBC :-)

Destroyed by Madness is available now on Leaether Strip's Bandcamp page and it will be released on all major streaming & download platforms on the 30th April.

Artwork by the incredibly talented Vlad McNeally of Kallisti Design in the USA.

TSEE remix cover 250px.jpg

A real treat for EBM fans!  The Leaether Strip remix of "Through Someone Else's Eyes" is now available on Bandcamp and all major streaming and download platforms.

The Danish genius Claus Larsen has combined Madil's soaring vocals with some good, old-fashioned EBM stompiness and it works brilliantly, as you'd expect from such an experienced and revered exponent of the EBM art.  This is the third remix which Claus has created for Nature of Wires, the other two being Human Nature, from the 2019 Reborn EP and Madame Serena (which is our most streamed song on Spotify), from the 2019 Modus album.  Conversely, in 2016 our Gary did a great remix of Leaether Strip's Into It's Eyes, which is the theme song for Meathook Massacre II and which is included on Leaether Strip's 50 album.

Click on the image to go to our Bandcamp page or go to to find out where else you can get this slice of EBM goodness.

Through Someone Else's Eyes 800px.jpg

"Through Someone Else's Eyes", by Nature of Wires ft Madil Hardis is now available on Bandcamp and all major streaming and download platforms.  We've even made a video for it, which you can see here.

This epic song combines powerful electronic elements with ethereal vocals. It describes an out-of-body experience - like a ghost on the threshold between two worlds. You’re lost, trying to hold on to what you knew to be true and real. Clinging to someone else’s life, you live through someone else’s eyes.

Some of you will be familiar with Madil Hardis, as she sang on Wild Eyes by Ashbury Heights, which was released in December 2020.  As well as being a phenomenal singer, Madil is also an accomplished film director.

Click on the image to go to our Bandcamp page or go to to find out where else you can get this dark, epic, "Delirium-esque" song.

What if you could write a song for your own funeral? Or rather, if you could, why wouldn't you?

Montage Collective's 'And Some Will Say' is that song and was originally written as the closing track for the Interstitial album. The sentiment is clear, people will always have their own opinions and will screen their own bio-pics.

The cover art reflects this concept. "Screen" is by Australian artist Alex Frayne ( and

When it's said and done, no matter what we wish, everyone will make up their own mind. However, hopefully someone will play Bolan's "Cosmic Dancer". The incredible remix by Nature of Wires transforms the original laid-back melodies into an anthemic blast of unbridled attitude.

Release date 21st April 2021


Conzoom Records in Germany have once again invited Nature of Wires to supply 10 remixes for the Super Deluxe Limited Edition of the latest in their popular Electropop series.  Release date is 28th May 2021.


01. 5timeszero - art of living (nature of wires remix)
02. caroline mclavy - don't wanna (nature of wires remix)
03. daniel hall - leopard (nature of wires remix)
04. draconic elimination projects feat mixe1 - we shouldn't be alone (nature of wires remix)
05. in this mode - commemoration (nature of wires remix)
06. leaether strip - into its eyes (nature of wires remix)
07. lord and master feat neil francis - february song (nature of wires remix)
08. matthias feat mark bebb - hold me (nature of wires remix)
09. nature of wires - negative resolutions (glass half full remix by cyferdyne)
10. softwave - human beings (nature of wires remix)

More information can be found here.  Many thanks to Ingo Moeller and the team at Conzoom and to the artists (above) who have contributed.

On March 19th Sea of Sin released the CD of their "Remixes II“ album, including the very popular Nature of Wires Remix of "Immaculate".  This Limited Edition CD can be pre-ordered over at POPoNAUT now!

Other contributing artists include Rob Dust, Man Without Country, mesh / Richard Silverthorn, Covered in Snow, Andrew Montgomery, NITEBlumeRotoskop Soni Code Klaus Gratzel and Promenade Cinema / Emma Barson.  We are in esteemed company for this one!

Digital Release was March 26th and on April 5th the album entered the German Alternative Charts at number Two!

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