One of the founding members of the band which became Nature of Wires in 1986, Gary Watts is probably just as well known for his remixes for and collaborations with other artists (over 100) as he is for his original work with NoW.

Nature of Wires regularly played in the UK between 1986 and 1994, during which time Gary wrote a number of songs with fellow founding member and best mate Andrew Stirling-Brown.  After a 20 year hiatus, and inspired by the music of Deviant UK (for whom Gary has performed) and Cyferdyne, Gary started writing music again.  In 2015 Gary teamed up with California's CountessM and together they released the Cyber Rendezvous album on Manchester's AnalogueTrash label in 2016.  Gary was also reworking songs from the 80s/90s during this time and in August 2019 the Modus Album was released on AnalogueTrash, with Andrew back on vocal duties.

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Lady bNOW (Sarah Bouchier) is a UK based singer/songwriter & live performer working in various genres.  In November 2018 Lady bNOW returned to Nature of Wires (having previously been with us from 1992 to 1994) and very quickly she and Gary developed a strong writing partnership, releasing the Reborn EP on Germany's Echozone label just a few months later.  Sarah's songs, co-written with Gary, have gained top ten positions in the German Alternative and Electronic Web charts.  More songs with Gary followed and In November 2021 the album Out of my System was released after a 12 month delay partly caused by a global pandemic.

As a phenomenal solo artist, also known as Sarah B, she predominantly works in the deephouse / vocalhouse / house genre, with a number of global artists and has been regularly featured on BBC Music Introducing and Amazing Radio in the UK and US.


Andrew Stirling-Brown is the other founding member of the band which became Nature of Wires, after Gary asked him if he wanted to form a band (to which Andrew initially replied No).  Andrew was always very good at poetry at school and was a member of the school choir, so he seemed an obvious choice.

During NoW's 20 year hiatus, Andrew continued to sing all over the UK for various club & tribute bands.  His influences are very different to Gary's, which makes for an interesting and unique combination of songwriting skills.

When not writing & singing Andrew makes reproduction medieval armour and is a keen  (and quite successful) author.


A long-time friend of Gary & Andrew, Tim Powell-Tuck made his first appearance for NoW at the 2016 Beat:Cancer event in Manchester.  Tim's introduction as live electronic drummer added an extra layer of punch to an already muscular sound.  Tim has been drumming since the 80's, most notably for Famous Names and it was at one of their band practices that Gary first met Tim.

Along with Gary & Sarah, Tim played at NoW's first German shows, in Berlin & Leipzig, in the autumn of 2019.

As well as for being an excellent drummer, Tim's infectious humour and quick wit makes him a very valuable member of the Nature of Wires team.  When not drumming Tim works in a chocolate factory.  There are worse jobs in the World!

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